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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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u're wearing one.
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these birthday cards arrived today, right? right. all the aunts, uncles, cousins, right? right. i'll show you how to get throughthese cards in minutes. ready? you take your letter opener... you take your card, give it a clean slit along the top, give it one of these, a quick snap of the wrist, no money comes out,
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try the next one here... money comes out, keep the money,take the card, throw it in the trash. either way, you don'thave to read the card. that's the beauty of it. all right. what are you guysdoing? looking for birthday money. well, that is terrible! where did you learn that? i know, it's shocking, isn't it? andy, look. this is grandma's card. she took careto find a nice card with a birthday message. "dear andy,here's the, grandma." you know,that's the kind of love you just can't buy.
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this is andy'sbirthday wish list. alex, this is reminiscent of your 7th birthday. you were the only second-grader who used the bridal registry. yeah, that wasa great birthday. i got twopocket calculators and a crystalgravy boat. hi! you are about to meet nick's oldest friend in the world. why, a prisonfurlough program? no. his name is scrapper, he's very old, he's missing a few teeth, and he used to live with nick's mom. that would be nick's dad? no, it wouldn't be. nick! scrapper! come on in! this is scrapper. isn't he great? he even looks like nick. yeah, he does! he's got his mother's nose, though. wow! a dog!
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sit. why can't you do that? whoa, hey, hey, how are you? how are you? please go away. keep it coming, doctor dolittle. sorry. i don't relate well to quadrupeds. this dog's just begging for love and affection. aren't you, little doggie? [grrr] dad, sorry. he doesn't liketo be calledlittle doggie. @ oh, excuse me, mr. sensitive. how old is he? i had him sincei was 6 years old. that wouldmake him, uh... carry the 7, 22 take away 6would be, uh... 22 minus 6... 16. he'd be 16. so in dog years,he's... let's see, 11... old, nick. he'd be old. yeah. he used tolive with my mom,
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so nowhe's mine again. he likes you, alex. yeah, it's mutual, mal. i just wish someone would slip him a breath mint. mal's right.he gave you dolly. that meanshe likes you. scrapper,give alex a kiss. oh! oh, great! great. i just hope my pores weren't open. alex! how can you not like a doggie kiss? what's there to like about havingyour face coveredin kibble residue? want to see more tricks? somebody say roll over. oh, me! me! me! roll over, scrapper. [grrr] ok. here's pin the tail on the donkey. what else would be fun for andy's party? your dad's in chargeof entertainment. what is he planning? don't ask. he's gonecompletely overboard.
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[honk] because i've seen it all before-- the confetti in the bucket shtick, sweeping up the spotlight. i want something special for my boy's birthday. [honk honkhonk honk] i'm sorry you feel that way. [honk] maybe! what's happening? dad's having a standoff with the clown. i'll handle it. hey, dad. is this bozogiving you a hard time? thanks a lotfor coming, and by the way, clowns aren'tfunny, ok? [honk] dad, 10 of them are getting in and out of your car. hi! [honk] do you think andy will suspect anything? nah, he'llprobably think
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hi! you should have seen scrapper playing frisbee. he leaps up and catches it every time. he's not as good at throwing, but he's still better than alex. but can he convertshillings into drachmas? he can't do that, but he can watusi. da da da da da da da da hoo! da da da da da da da da ooh ooh! are you available for birthday parties? here you go,here's dolly. god, i love this guy. i almost forgotwhat great fun it was having him around. what could you have in common with an animal that eats, sleeps, and chews shoes? then again, what don't you have in common? alex, animals are different than people. thank youfor noticing. anybody for more frisbee?
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i'll come with you! hey, scrapper! [grrr] come on, scrapper. [whistling] come, boy. good boy. attaboy. that dog hates me, elyse. he's not coming to andy's party. you have gone totallyoff the deep end with this party business. nonsense, elyse. it's going to be a small, tasteful get-together. now, look, the contortionist is coming at 2:00. the, uh, human light bulb at 2:15. human light bulb!steven, that's crazy! she's only 60 watts, elyse. mom! dad! um... scrapper got hit by a car! is he ok?
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this has happenedbefore. scrapper sees a car,he runs right into it. he's not too bright. that cat was tempting him. cats are his weakness. he lovesrunning after them. he doesn't wantto hurt them. it's just he's neverseen one close up. wish i could say the same. thanksfor watching them. they seemvery fond of you. they sure do. have you considered sharpening their claws? they left some skin on my neck. oh, sorry about that. they must thinkyou're their mother. it's impossible.i've been out of town. hey, dr. austin, how's he doing? pretty banged-up this time? let's go talkin here.
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so, what is it, he broke his leg? no. i'm afraidthere are much moreserious problems. well, just tell me. scrapper was obviouslyhit very hard. he's...sufferedsome brain damage. that's ok. he doesn't have to be that smart. it's not a matter of that. he's breathing at only 20% capacity. there's also some internal bleeding. what are you saying? i'm saying you may have to consider euthanasia. consider it? i don't know what it means. well, nick,euthanasia means having scrapperput to sleep. uh, hey, no way. i am not going to do that. can't you dosomething else? i could operate to stop bleeding. do that. scrapper's a very,very old dog.
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you can have some time to think about it. i can't think about it. i'm sorry, nick. what other choicedo i have, huh? go ahead... operate. do me a favorand, uh... put this in his cage? don't make fun of himfor having a dolly.
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ok, uh... ok, thanks... thanks for coming,thanks for coming. the partyis in two days. we'll see you then. oh, this is great. watch the antenna.
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great! great! steven, you promisedyou'd keep this simple. elyse, please. you've got to get into the spirit. a boy only turns 7 once. don't let it happen without a crustacean. where can i hideandy's present? he won't stop snooping. now he's scanning my bedroomwith a metal detector. try the hall closet. anything right now. hi, jen! i can't take it. it's a chemistry set. did we hearif scrapper's ok yet? they're still at the vet, but i'm sure everything will be ok. i wantedto say something. what is it, birthday boy?
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but, andy, why not? it just doesn'tseem right, with what scrapper'sgoing through. oh, honey, that's very sweet. hi. hi. how'd it go? the doctor said it's too soon to tell. it was so sad seeing scrapper sleeping alone there in his cage. i can't believe nick didn't cry. alex cried, though. that was an allergic reaction, and you know it. oh, god! [knock on door] hey... how you doing? what do you got, nick? just presentsfor scrapper. when he gets out,i'll spoil him rotten. i got a little squeaky ball here. [squeak squeak] a plastic fire hydrant all his own.
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a rawhide chew bone. that's for me. grr! that's what i wantfor my birthday-- presents for scrapper. would he like a chemistry set? nick, i'm glad you're so optimistic. he'll pull through, mrs. keaton. i know scrapper. he's a trouper. when he's back on his paws again, we'll look at the album i'll make from these photos. there's us in our back yard. and, uh, there's my mom... with scrapper. mm-hmm. and, oh-- there's scrapper chasing a stick. ah, there's my mom chasing a stick. ah! ah! there's my mom and scrapper both chasing a stick. oh, and here's one just of the stick. god, those were good times. [telephone rings]
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hello? uh...yes. hi, dr. austin. yeah... he is. hold on. uh, nick, it's the vet. uh, hello? yes? uh-huh. ok, i-i-i'll be there. i... he said scrapper's not doing so good. oh, no. damn! if he hadn'tcome to stay with me, this neverwould have happened. everythingwould be fine. nick, it's not your fault. where the hell is the doctor? give him a minute. he's in with a parakeetthat swallowed a swing.
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there's a parakeet out there shaped like a swing. alex... alex, what are youdoing here? listen. i know you guys, uh... think i don't have much of a rapport with animals, but... there's a special place in my heart for scrapper. hey, thanks, alex. oh, i'll-- no, no, no.hey, alex,you can stay. yeah? so what'sthe story, doc?how's he doing? things didn't go as well as we'd hoped. have a seat. um, isn't there anythingmore we can do? maybe he needs a little rest. right now scrapper's on heavy medication, so he's only semiconscious. when he revives, he'll be in pain.
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but that would be more for you than scrapper. so you're saying there's no hope? nick... this isn't an easy thing to say. the best thing you can do for scrapper is put him to sleep. i--i can't do that. it's so final. well, he's in pain. you have to let themtake the pain away. nick, it will happen very quickly and peacefully. it's a decision that requires courage, but really, it comes out of love. scrapper's my pal. i can't let him hurt like that. can i at least say goodbye to him? yes, of course. we'll leave you alone, ok? i love you.
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hey, thanks, alex. all right. i'm ok. i'm sorry. that's all right. sorry. oh... hey, scrap. how you doing,buddy? i'll be outside. oh, scrapper. oh, boy. something's going to happen to you that i can't do nothing about. but where you're going...
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really nice there to take care of you. hey, god? it's me, nicky. can you do me a favor and take old scrap here and put him under your wing, give him a lot of love? he's really good at frisbee, if you're into that kind of thing. and he's a very... very special little soul. oh, i love you, scrapper. a chemistry set. thanks, jen. what a nice surprise.
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ok, ok.what's next? how about a littlepin the tailon the donkey? there's really not much of a party feeling. even the lobster's depressed. where's nick? he's on his way over. he cried so hard on the way home. like a little kid. at first i couldn't hear him because alex was crying so hard. can i help you? dad, can you get this guy out of here? i'm going to have nightmares, i swear. get going, buddy. i'm going to start boiling water in a minute. come on. i'm sorry. i'm sorry it didn't work out. [doorbell rings]
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yeah. hey. hey! what a day. hey, buddy. this is for you. thanks. so, how you doing, nick? you ok? uh, no. but, uh... yeah, i guess. you? yeah. i'm sorry i had to drag all of you into this. honey, don't be silly. it's ok, nick. you're like family. the guy's dog just died. thanks, mr. keaton. you know, i feel like part of me died with scrapper. every memory i have from childhood, scrapper was part of them. it's just strange to think that he's gone.
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will ever take scrapper's place. he'll always have a special place in your heart. scrapper wouldwant you to go on. start over. i want to give you this. it's the best birthday present i could have. oh... hey there, little buddy. you'll give him a good home. hey, thanks, you guys. hey, pal, what do you say? want to be pals with me?
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